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Earn 1000$ in a Month- These ideas can change your life.

Earn 1000$ in a Month : Hey what’s going on guys welcome back to the Article in this article  we’ll be talking about four different ways that you can make some extra cash Earn 1000$ in a Month in this coming month oh this may be a pretty interesting blog I’m gonna try to give you four less commonly thought of ideas for making Earn 1000$ in a Month in the coming weeks so it’s not to be one of those articles where I tell you to click on some sketchy link and then you can make two dollars and 15 cents off of an online survey and I’m not going to tell you to find items laying around your house sell on eBay those are pretty obvious ways for making some extra money.

so let’s get right into the Article I’m gonna try to include some different income sources for all kinds of different people on this list so if you find this article helpful don’t forget to drop a like and share your thoughts down below and these four methods that are about to show you they’re not necessarily gonna make you rich but the definitely great options if you’re looking for some extra cash to help pay for your rent or buy the new iPhone for example .

so the first method how to make some extra cash is to become an uber driver and automatically some people say wait a minute man I don’t have a car I can’t become an uber driver this one doesn’t apply to me but here’s the thing so so there’s something called uber etes where you can actually deliver food and you don’t need to have a car to do this so most people they ride bicycles when they’re doing uber eats and you can literally find a bike on the side of the road for free and maybe pay $10 for it at a garage sale but from the people that I’ve spoken .

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you can generally complete about three to four food deliveries with ubereats per hour and you can get about $5 per delivery so you can do the math on that as well 15 to 20 dollars an hour for riding your bicycle around your city or riding a bicycle around your town and getting exercise and so the main reason why I’m really including Uber eats on this list though is because you can deliver food whenever you want 24 hours a day seven days a week it’s all up to you when you want to do this and how much you actually want to work .

Earn 1000$ in a Month : so the best part about this is that you get off of work or say you get out of school and say hey I want to make some extra money for this weekend I got something coming up me didn’t go to a concert or maybe I just want to put more money in my Roth IRA yeah exactly so that’s a case for uber etes it’s pretty straight forward if you’re looking to make some extra money I do think it’s a great option because you can do this whenever you want to do.
it so let’s get into the next three ways

To make some money number two on this list is to utilize a website called upward Tom I’m actually going to hop on my computer and show you some of the really cool things that you can do with upward calm so here we are on

I really think this is a great site I’m not affiliated with them in any way they’re not sponsoring this video but there’s so many possibilities and so if you have any professional background in in pretty much anything whatsoever definitely check out this site and just see if you can bring any value to other people who are looking to hire some of these freelancers so so for example I mean most of these people are charging $30 now or Plouffe so a lot of these people for example here Liz Lizzie charges $100 an hour for marketing and content specialist but there’s so many different possibilities and you can see that she made over ten thousand dollars on on this site up work but for example say you’re good at at a video editing right so we can just search video editing and there’s a lot of video editors on here and I’ve actually used some people for writing a couple times on on

I’ve never actually sold my services on up work but I’ve actually hired some people to do some different things and it’s a really cool site and all people that I’ve dealt with were very very professional is kind of like the professional version of fiber so it’s gonna be more expensive but if you have any professional background whatsoever definitely check it out like here’s here’s Dominic he makes $30 an hour he he charges $30 an hour for this he’s only earned about five hundred dollars he’s only done six jobs so it looks like he sort of just started with this but there’s so many possibilities but this definitely just check out let’s get into the next different possibilities to make some extra money in this coming month.

Earn 1000$ in a Month

so the next method that I’ll show you is by utilizing Craigslist and for some reason a lot of people sort of have like this fear of Craigslist like they think that they’re gonna show up to somebody’s place and then get their throats slit or whatever but for the most part I’ve never had any issues dealing with people on Craigslist I probably dealt with probably four or five hundred people over the entire course of my life through Craigslist it’s a great way to advertise stuff for free and it’s also a great way to find some different opportunities to make some money so what I would do is I would go to labor so I’ll go to gigs and I’ll click on labor now some of these things can be a little bit sketchy obviously some of them can be scams because so I just have to like sort through them and find ones that could be good opportunities the best opportunity that I ever had was I was with my brother we got paid $700 we’re supposed to get paid five product but these people paid us $700 to move all of their furniture from their one house to their new house.

now they were moving in next to a u.s. senator so these people were loaded but you never know what you can find on Craigslist on the gig section for Craigslist I can’t believe that we were able to do that I mean $350 when you are you know 16 years old was like a crazy amount of money but I found it on Craigslist using this method that I’m showing you here so you just go on in gigs and you can find some different things like you can help this person load stuff on to their new hole for $40 some of these aren’t gonna be worth it like I don’ really think this is worth it but if like I’m talking like if you really need some money like if you need to come up with some money before the end of the month by doing something legal because there are some illegal things on here make sure it’s something legal but you can definitely find some some some different options.

here you’re like okay so you can paint something for four people and you can get paid well they don’t tell you what you can get paid on this one but you can negotiate things and you can find some cool different possibilities for making some money but that’s it for Craigslist I think you can just sort of sort through what you think would be good options and this is like if you’re really hard pressed for money like if you need to find money by theend of the week by the end of the month maybe got to pay off your credit card bill you got to pay your landlord this is definitely an option just keep it in mind it’s like maybe this is like like like one of the last options you have to go to but it’s definitely options so keep an eye out for it let’s get into the next one the fourth method for making some extra money could be something like starting a firewood business now I know not everybody is able to do this they don’t have the equipment and the resources necessary to start something like a firewood business but I’m just talking from experience and I like to really share my ideas and how you can sort of modify these ideas into anything no matter where you live you can do something along the lines of what I did when I was in high school so here’s a picture of me when I was 15 years old I was really weird I was a hillbilly back then but essentially my brother and I started this firewood business when I was in high school and so what we would do is we put up we put up ads on to Craigslist and into our local newspaper and then we would go to people’s property cut down the tree for them so we were charging to cut the tree down really hope my mom’s not watching this right now I didn’t tell her that part but we’ve charged him to cut the tree down and then charge the people to take the tree away because people don’t want a tree laying on the front yard or in the backyard or pretty much anywhere on their property now luckily I would I lived in the woods

so I had a really nice and market a very large market to charge people to cut trees down take the tree away and then I’ll bring it back to my place split the wood and then sell the
firewood so I three times my money for every tree that that we dealt with and I was just a really cool idea what we did but
essentially what I’m trying to bring bring the message across here is that if you can find something that you’re passionate about it’s it’s just the best way to make money possible so like for some reason and I don’t know why this is but I really enjoy splitting. Earn 1000$ in a Month getting firewood cutting up trees is just something that I’m actually passionate about maybe that’s like weird or something.

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everybody has something that they’re passionate about that’s why I really like mowing lawns as well I mean I could mow lawns all day and for some reason I actually like doing it and maybe it’s just because it’s outdoors and it’s something with your hands doing something with your hands but if you can find something that you’re really passionate about and make money off of it that’s definitely the best possible way to make some money so if you really like to bake find a way to make money baking

Earn 1000$ in a Month I mean there’s there’s so many possible ways but it really should be something that you’re passionate about because it won’t even feel like work like when I go out and and get firewood it really does not feel like work it’s sort of something fun to do and like I said that might sound a little bit weird to people but I’m sure you of something that you’re really passionate about andand just just take out a piece of paper and a pen and literally just write downall the possible ways you can make money out of your passions and if you can figure that out you’re really gonna be set for this.


Owner Of E-Kalam News, Rapper At FreeFund Productions, works as a Freelance Hindi Journalist In Many Web News Channels, Having Ability To Work independently Is what I Learned From MySelf

Owner Of E-Kalam News, Rapper At FreeFund Productions, works as a Freelance Hindi Journalist In Many Web News Channels, Having Ability To Work independently Is what I Learned From MySelf


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Owner Of E-Kalam News, Rapper At FreeFund Productions, works as a Freelance Hindi Journalist In Many Web News Channels, Having Ability To Work independently Is what I Learned From MySelf